Thursday, June 1, 2017

Wedding Toast for Max and Jess

Wedding Toast for Max and Jess;

Well I’d just like to start off by thanking my cousin Nick for representing a much shorter and better-looking version of me. I would have loved to be here for the day but a true servant of the Lord can not put his shoulder to the Wheel and Look back.

Anyway, Max and Jess.... where do I even begin? I guess I could start with the story of how I met Jess: It was late one afternoon and I was just getting home from Practice. Parents weren’t home that day but Max and Jess sure where. I walked inside quietly and found the two doing....  what ill describe in a missionaries vocabulary as "sharing their gift of tongues"

After that first experience meeting Jess, I wasn’t sure how to take her, well after a few weeks Max invited me to go and watch her Lacrosse game with him. I don’t mean to brag but I was a fairly smart teenager and eagerly accepted his offer in hopes to go meet some athletic Girls. But the first thing I did when we got there was break down laughing!  I could not believe I was watching a bunch of teenage girls running around in those ridicules Goggles!! To this day I cannot look at them without laughing!

But hey if any chick is down enough to wear those things in public, she must be a pretty cool person.
The first time I can remember really getting to know Jess was when she watched the Big (U of U vs. BYU) University of Utah football game with us and my dads side of the Family. For Stidham boys we have learned that if you actually like a girl; keep her as far away from the Stidham Family as possible. Because usually after someone "Introduces" a Girlfriend, we almost never end up seeing them again....

That night I got to see how fun and carefree Jess really is!

Through many family camping trips together with the Allen’s, I’ve come to see just how perfectly weird Max and Jess are for each other. I have never seen my brother happier than when he is with Her. I think I’m suppose to give some kind of advice in this speech but besides "Get a Room next time bro" I really don’t have much more, I’ve always looked up to you for guidance and advice. I love you Brother and I’m sorry I couldn’t be here for your special day. As I’ve learned on my mission, Time just passes too *dang *
(nick can change that word if he wants*)
 fast, Never let a moment pass you by and cherish every second you have with Her.

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