Wednesday, August 31, 2016

First Week

First week was absolutely crazy!!  So the first day I didn't even have a companion, haha I got here and was all alone in the room, eventually at like 11.00 I went  to tell the reception desk and of course I was completely lost. On the bright side I meet a lot of the workers that are now friends, and I used way more Spanish that I thought I would have on the first night. So that entire next day I was just alone because my companion never showed up to the CCM. 
Eventually I found my companion and it all worked out. He is a really cool guy!  His name is Elder Williams and we laugh all the time. I honestly have the best district in the CCM. So I got made a District leader on my first day which was crazy! like I still had no clue what was going on but we were in charge of everyone in our district. But then on my 5th day I got made Zone Leader!!!! like that was so out of the blue!

We got close with the old Zone Leaders heading out and asked a million questions because we are so new to everything. He heard that we needed to work with some other district leaders because they are too rowdy and don't like to work much, which would be no big deal talking to them if they weren't already here for 5 weeks and we were called instead of them after only 5 days. Its not the biggest deal in the world to be a Zone leader but basically I'm in charge of like 100 people that have all been here longer than me....on the bright side I get to assign lessons and stuff on Sundays... Plus we have to sit up at the pulpit on Sunday meetings too which is a little weird. The best part about this calling is that we get to assign the sacrament talks and no one knows that we do. haha kinda funny being able to assign them and they have no idea they are giving one until the actual meeting (everyone has to prepare a talk but no one knows until right before if they are talking or not. ) I'm honestly loving it here, its such  a great experience.  We are learning so much so fast.  I kinda wish I had more time to reflect here but its ok. Our schedules are super packed. But that's OK because I'm having tons of fun, Like I said, my district are all super cool guys. Like honestly I would hang out with them if I had meet them back in the states.

 Kinda weird thinking I'm not living there anymore. The food here is pretty good which is nice, but everyone older keeps telling us that it will get old. I totally keep forgetting that everyone that's been here longer than me isn't really older. Like they just seem so much more intelligent and confident after a couple weeks in this place. Honestly this MTC (CCM) is huge! like me and an Elder went for a run around the outside border and like 2 laps in we were dead.  The perimeter is huge!

 My Spanish is actually pretty good,  I totally surprised myself by how good I ended up being. I know I need to be humble about it haha but I am honestly as good as most of the older kids. The only one better than me in my district is my companion (but he took 6 years of Spanish so I don't count it) ;) I don't really have much stress or anything like that. I kinda expected it but it all turned out good. We teach our fake investigators every day and it goes pretty well I guess. The language barrier is hard but I am getting there. Its so crazy how much Spanish I have leaned in just one week!!! I can say full prayers and teach lessons without needing to memorize lines or anything anymore!  Super excited to see how much I will improve by next week.

We are the largest missionary group the CCM has ever had! Like even my flight here had 110 missionaries on it!! It was so cool we all sang called to serve right before we landed. The spirit is so strong here!!

Elder Stidham