Monday, June 19, 2017

Letter to Mom

Sounds like an awesome week momma!! Wow those mountains look so beautiful!!! I’ve decided that I will never live in a big city cuz I just miss the mountain too dang much... in Naranjal and Santa Rosa I was close enough to them to not miss them too much, but here in Guayaquil its kind of ugly and I do miss the mountains. But on the bright side I love getting to wake up looking at a Mango and Coconut tree every day!!

Say hi to the family for me!

Yeah I got to work a lot with Galapagos! Everyone tells me that after serving in the office for about 9 months I’m almost guaranteed to go to Galapagos. Honestly I don’t really care too much to go to Galapagos or not. I love being a missionary and it doesn’t matter where I serve! I mean sure it would be great and awesome to say that I served there but that’s not why I would want to go. I also kinda hope that I don’t end up staying in the office for that long but I guess well find out.... 

I wrote a few cards that Elder Chogas has in the backpack that I sent home with him! He also gave his Homecoming talk yesterday but it was in Spanish so I guess you didn’t miss out...  he goes to a Spanish ward obviously. But hey he’s got all the stuff and wants to drop it off but I don’t have his email or any other way to contact him besides his home phone number that is in the church records!

Hey can you do me a favor and find the video of dad giving his speech?! I would really appreciate that!!

My mission president and his wife thing its the funniest thing ever that you made that cut out of me for the wedding!!! haha they think its great! It sure makes me laugh too!

I love you too momma bear and I’m so grateful and proud to call you my mom°!!

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