Monday, March 5, 2018

Barrio Los Rios

Que tal mis queridos amigos?

Lo siento por no haberles escrito la semana pasada pero estaba llenando una aplicacaion para una beca! Ojala todo sali bien porque necesito plata para irme a la universidad jaja!
Me di cuenta que casi nunca les escribo en español entonces voy a ahorar un pocito de tiempo para mi y hacerles traducirlo jaja ;)

Bueno esta semana fue muy interesante... la primera semana de cada nuevo sector siempre es un poco extraño y deficil. entonces senti un poco confundido esta semana de como me parece esta barrio. habia muchos moments duros pero a la vez muchas mas fueron felices!
para empezar voy a describir mi sector un poquito. es pequeño pero a la vez hay bastante gente y ellos siempre estan en la calle el cual lo hace muy interesante. en verdad estoy awesombrado cuan humildes son esta gente.... pero no como lo hacen pero siempre aparecen felices y reunidos como familia. hay muchos miembros que son demasiado buenos y estoy esforzandome durisimo para animarlos a trabajar mas en la causa del Señor el cual es la Obra Misional.
estoy gozando cuanto tiempo que ahorro ahora viajando entre el sector. hay bendiciones por tener un sector pequeño! tambien nadie tiene una excusa para no irse a la iglesia jaja... bueno con la excepcion del sueño y cuando llueve durisimo en la mañana....
mi compañero es el Elder Santacruz y el tiene 24 años, tambien es de Ecuador, Quito mismo entonces voy a poder visitarlo dispues de la mision! me llevo muy bien con el y ya estamos trabajando durisimo para tener un program chevere porque realmente no habia nada cuando llege aqui....  tenemos ahora 5 investigadores con fecha bautismales y esperamos poner 5 mas esta semana!! pero ha estado lluviendo cada mañana los domingos entonces casi nadie va a la iglesia ni hacen nada en la lluvia aqua.
no tengo fotos para enviarles porque mis llaves van a quitarme la camera si lo llevo en la calle jaja... ojala que aguantan hasta puedo tomar mas.
nunca se olviden a leer el libro de Mormón todos los dias!!

How about my dear friends? 

I'm sorry I did not write to you last week but I was filling out an application for a scholarship! I hope everything went well because I need money to go to college haha! 

I realized that I almost never write to you in Spanish so I'm going to save a little bit of time for myself and make you translate it haha;)  

Well this week was very interesting ... the first week of each new sector is always a bit strange and deficient. Then I felt a bit confused this week of how this neighborhood seems to me. There were many hard moments but at the same time many more were happy! To begin, I will describe my sector a little bit. It is small but at the same time there are enough people and they are always on the street which makes it very interesting. I'm really amazed how humble these people are .... but not as they do but they always appear happy and reunited as a family. There are many members who are too good and I am striving hard to encourage them to work more in the cause of the Lord which is the Missionary Work. I am enjoying how much time I save now traveling between the sector. there are blessings for having a small sector! also nobody has an excuse not to go to church haha ​​... well with the exception of the dream and when it rains hard in the morning .... My partner is Elder Santacruz and he is 24 years old, he is also from Ecuador, Quito, so I will be able to visit him with the mission! I get along very well with him and we are already working hard to have a cool program because there really was not anything when he arrives here ... we have now 5 researchers with baptismal dates and we hope to put 5 more this week !! but it has been raining every morning on Sundays then almost nobody goes to church or do anything in the aqua rain. I do not have photos to send  because thugs are going to take my camera away if I take it in the street haha ​​... I hope they hold on until I can take more. 

Never forget to read the book of Mormon every day!  Elder Stidham

Monday, February 19, 2018

20 years old never looked so Ecuadorian!

Yeah yeah yeah I’m Old-ish I get it... thanks to everyone for reminding me that... but just to let you all know, I’m still a 10 year old kid at heart.
Anyways this week was awesome and FLEW by!! So lots happened I guess I’ll go by day:
Miercoles. We finally got out of the house and into the street to teach. But as you already know it was a half p-day after all of our studies so we didn’t end up doing much. But it felt soooo great getting out of the house and back to preaching the gospel! And yes I did celebrate Valentines Day by buying a pineapple and chupe la piña!! (Only some of you will understand that reference ;)

Thursday: MY CAKE DAY WAS JUST THAT!! A DAY OF CAKE!!!! I had 4 different families give me a cake for my birthday and then the Zone leaders surprised me with a birthday watermelon with candles ha-ha!! (They asked me what I wanted to eat for my birthday and I just decided you cant beat a good ol birthday watermelon) I got to celebrate my birthday with several families and converts and the bishop and couldn’t have been happier to celebrate doing the Lords work!

Friday: my district (of 10 missionaries and 6 of them are sisters....) decided to go clutch and made me "papa a la huancaina" ohhh baby I love that goodness!! If you haven’t tried it I strongly suggest getting on the next plane to Peru to go get yourself some!!!

Saturday: we had a super long Multi Zone conference, which lasted 7 hours!! We were spiritual fed by our President Moreno and his wife for hours and then we were physically fed dinner and went to work! We were super inspired to have the Divine Companionship of the Holy Ghost with us in every hour of every day. Man I learned sooo many things and have really been trying my hardest to apply them in my life! Who knew you could have the Spirit with you as you jogged or worked out in the morning?? We ended the night celebrating my birthday with another family of converts/investigators and ended up placing 2 baptismal dates with the parents and they are super excited!!!

Sunday: well I have spent almost 5 months here in Machala, diesiocho de octubre ward and I was assuming I would be having transfers this upcoming week..... But no one called me and told me... so I got extremely excited and figured that I would be staying even longer! WRONG. I got a call at 4:30 pm on Sunday and learned that I would be going to Guayaquil again serving in sector Los Rios, of the Huancavilca Zone! 
But tbh I was kind of upset and super bummed that I would be leaving the sector... and worst of all I had almost no time to say goodbye to the 9 converts that the Lord has blessed me with!! I spent the whole afternoon trying to say goodbye to them and the ward and the other 4 investigators who will be baptized next week... and of course as luck would have it there was a stake meeting tonight so none of the converts were there... 
But as you all know I only look on the bright side of things so I knew that I would be coming back in December with the family so it didn’t get to me. HIGHLIGHT OF THE WEEK: ANDRES AVILA GOT CALLED TO BE ELDERS QUORUM PRESIDENTE (and he’s only been a member of the church for less than 3 months!!)

Monday: long and early bus ride back to the good old hot and wet Guayaquil!  My new companion is Elder Santa Cruz (holy cross) and he is from Quito, Ecuador!! He is my 15th companion in the mission and broke the tie of 7 North Americans and 7 Latino compañeros! (Now its 8)
Besides being dead tired from late night surprise packing and a long early bus ride there’s not too much to write about... 

Just wanted to end by saying thank you to all of you who sent me happy birthday wishes!! It meant the world to me!!

Ps. want to know why I’m so happy all the time?? Read Mosiah 2:41 and you’ll find out!!

Familia Cabrera knows how to throw a party for elder Stidham ha-ha!! And yes they found my name by stalking me on Facebook ha-ha

Celebrating our last district meeting! Even though 2 of them weren’t there.

Idk where I’m looking but this is the only good pic of celebrating with the bishop....

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Saludos Hermana from Joseph Danilo Izquierdo de la Cruz

Buen día hermana allí le envío un recuerdito de su hijo, por el día de su cumpleaños.

Saludos Obispo Joseph Izquierdo

Enviado desde mi Huawei de Claro.

Good morning sister there I send a little reminder of your child, the day of his birthday.

Greetings Bishop Joseph Izquierdo

Sent from my Huawei Claro.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Celebrando la vida con los Elders

Andres Avila Romero Fue lo primero que dijo Jack, que a su mama le encanta el pastel de chocolate mojado... Es exactamente como le gusta a mi mama dijo el jjjj