Monday, January 29, 2018

Bautismo de Eddy!!

What’s up friends and family!! 
How are you all doing on this wonderful week before the Superbowl?? 

So just to start off I wanted to throw down a few shout outs!!!!

1. Happy birthday to the most amazing mother in the whole world this week!!!!

2. Shout out to Brigham Tuatagaloa for giving his farewell this week and joining us in the Lords work this upcoming week!!!!

Highlight of the week: The Baptism of course!!! Man we have been working hard this month and were able to help 4 of our beloved brothers enter into the waters of baptism this month!

So Eddy’s story, you all want to hear it right?! So 3 months ago we meet Eddy and his dad Antonio, we have been working with them for a long time now helping Antonio turn his life around and preparing him to return to the iglesia and become active and worthy again, its been a battle but through the power of prayer he has overcome many many challenges!!! Last week the bishop told us that Antonio is ready to baptize his son and we were all super excited!! Man we have seen such an incredible change in their lives and they really are SO MUCH HAPPIER NOW!! One of my favorite things about the Gospel of Jesucristo is the joy and happiness that is brings us!!

Love you all and I really do appreciate all of your support and prayers and letters!!

Have a great week and enjoy the Superbowl for me!! (Even though I don’t really like either team....)

Monday, January 22, 2018

Baptisum and a birthday!! #WeBaptizedWillSmith Fotos del Bautismo y el cumpleaños de me Compañero!

Obviously the highlight was our baptism with my great friend Kevin Garces!! I have had the great opportunity to teach and work with Kevin for over 4 months now and he has finally taken a leap of faith and decided to be baptized this week! Man it has been so incredible to get to know him and become such great friends!! 
Satan attacked Kevin severely over the last few weeks and we’ve tried our best to help him over come all of his many problems. But let me tell ya people, if I haven’t said it enough, ill say it again; the Power of Fasting is REAL!!!!!! And I have been able to witness it time and time again here in Ecuador, and of course Kevin had many miracles pass this last week!
His baptism was absolutely incredible and the ward treated him so well!! Kevin asked the bishop to baptize him and we were thrilled about that!!!! The only down side was that his family didn’t show up to support him. But the Lord works in mysterious ways and I’m excited to continue working with them until I see them in a white baptismal jumpsuit!!
One funny part of the baptism was when Kevin went under the water ha-ha!! So Kevin loves lifting weights more than anything else! He just spends all the extra time he has lifting and because of that his is Ripped! He also weighs like 225lbs (even though he doesn’t look it) and was like a solid rock when he went under the water and the bishop had a really hard time getting him out of the water even though he’s a big guy too!!

We celebrated my compañeros birthday this week several times with a few families and it was awesome to though a few surprises together for him!! He turns 21 on Saturday!

Well not sure what else happened this week but we are looking forward to another baptism on Saturday so I’m pumped to have another glorious week in the mission field!

Love all you funny Utahans!! Let me know if you have any questions! I love hearing from you all!

1-4: Familia Cabrera gave me a late Christmas gift!!!!!
5. Family home evening with some new investigators!!
6. My bishop’s wife is an artist!
7. Compas birthday!
8.Kevin’s baptism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9. Celebrating my companion’s birthday and our baptism at the same time!     
Ps. Kevin is freaking Buff if you can’t tell!

Monday, January 15, 2018

Last weeks fotos!!

1. Baptism
2. More baptism

3. The reason I should never wear a sombrero

4. My horrible attempt at a panorama
5. I found me a beach babe ;P
6. #I didn’t know missionaries were allowed to be that good looking
7. uhh... I forgot were the camera was...?
8. My zone leader is majestic.... ish

9. Mi compita
10. "I like that bolder... that’s a nice bolder"  -Donkey
11. idk
12. The Kreft-ster
13. Yes I’m whiter than the Holy Ghost... I get it no more white rice
14. Receiving almost as much revelation as when I’m in the shower 

15. Reaching for home #TrunkyMoment
16. Call me Cap
17. "Ven, seguidme"
18.  You cant SEA me
19. I almost fell in lol
20. Looking for "the Chosen ones"

21.  We make a good team don’t ya think?
22. Really what were we looking at??
23.Why am I still titling every picture?? Sorry for making you match every pic with its caption ;)

24. I tried... A for effort
25. La Placa
26. Leg day