Monday, January 15, 2018

Last weeks fotos!!

1. Baptism
2. More baptism

3. The reason I should never wear a sombrero

4. My horrible attempt at a panorama
5. I found me a beach babe ;P
6. #I didn’t know missionaries were allowed to be that good looking
7. uhh... I forgot were the camera was...?
8. My zone leader is majestic.... ish

9. Mi compita
10. "I like that bolder... that’s a nice bolder"  -Donkey
11. idk
12. The Kreft-ster
13. Yes I’m whiter than the Holy Ghost... I get it no more white rice
14. Receiving almost as much revelation as when I’m in the shower 

15. Reaching for home #TrunkyMoment
16. Call me Cap
17. "Ven, seguidme"
18.  You cant SEA me
19. I almost fell in lol
20. Looking for "the Chosen ones"

21.  We make a good team don’t ya think?
22. Really what were we looking at??
23.Why am I still titling every picture?? Sorry for making you match every pic with its caption ;)

24. I tried... A for effort
25. La Placa
26. Leg day