Monday, June 5, 2017


MY BROTHERS A MARRIED MAN!!!! How crazy is that?? Just one thing brotha... YOU BETTER NOT GET BORING ON ME!!! *No offence Jess;) I’m so happy for you two and know that you will have a lifetime of fun and adventures together, I’m sorry I couldn’t be there for your special day and to tear up the dance floor, but hey, I need some missionary blessings for my Wedding too  (even though that will be like 5 years from now)

Man the time has really started to blurr lately... I feel like my weeks have gotten to the point that there’s really only 3 days.... Sunday, P-Day, and one Work/Office day!

We have a new family that we have been teaching the last couple weeks and they are soo much fun!! Patrick is 16 years old and loves to play sports and Studies all day cuz he’s a super Genius!!
His mom Kristina is soooo amazingly receptive to the Spirit and Cries in just about every lesson, my favorite part about this family is that they always ask us at the end of our visits when we can come back again!!! It’s absolutely amazing having the opportunity to help someone come closer to God and His Son Jesus Christ!! They have a baptismal date within the next couple weeks and we are super excited for them to continue progressing until baptism and the Temple after that!! 

So I found out last week from Aylien, "my Convert" back in Santa Rosa, that she has almost achieved her personal progress award, leaves with the missionaries 3 times a week to go do visits with her references, is now the 1st counselor in her Young women’s Presidency, has her temple recommend and will be going to the Temple this month (which is an extremely big sacrifice for how far away she lives and how poor her family is), AND she is about to receive her Patriarchal blessing!!! Hearing this was a HUGE testimony builder of how we just never know how greatly we can impact someone’s life by serving them!!!!

Ill attach some photos so you can all remember this good-lookin guy again ;)

~Elder Stidham

1. and 2. It was my old companions last P-Day so we went out to grub! His name is Dania Chogas for anyone who might know him, he’s from Utah
3. and 4. Baptism from 2 weeks ago!! Naima looked soo dang cute all day wearing her dress!!
5. The mom of Naima, hopefully we can get her and her husband married soon so she can get baptized as well!!
6. Some truly inspiring art I found a few days ago
7. and 8. THE GRANDMA OF NAIMA LITERALLY HAND-MADE THIS SUIT, VEST, PANTS, AND SEVERAL TIES!!!!!!!!!! She is seriously the coolest woman ever and we helped start a business for her hand making ties out of any cool fabric that she finds then selling them to the missionaries!!! (If anyone’s interested let me know and ill hook you up with something cool ;) 
9. The Church headquarters here in Ecuador sent me and my companion a Tie for "Doing such an Excellent Job" yeah I guess you could say we save lives ;)


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