Tuesday, March 21, 2017

From the Baptismal Font to an Oven

This week we had another baptism who is part of the family that we recently baptized last week!! We are super happy for him! Oh man I loved teaching this little guy!!! He is super funny and light hearted!! He reminds me so much of my little brother! He loves to joke around with us and likes to have races with his sister on who can answer the Baptismal Questions fastest haha!!

I also had changes to Guayaquil this week, which is insanely hot here. But I freaking love my new sector and job!! I got put in the Office, which may not sound all that fun, but so far it has been awesome!! We have to do so much for the mission but at the same time we get to know everyone in the mission and its super fun to be with the assistants and secretaries!! 

To Mom:
I had changes to Guayaquil and am now working in the Office!!  I’m sure that doesn’t sound like fun or anything that big. But it really is kind of huge.  There are 4 of us and the 2 assistants in charge of the other 160 misionarios! Plus I’m a lot closer to the doctors and have an appointment with them tomorrow at 3.:00 to find out what is going on exactly. So sounds like I’m going to get a lot better a lot faster!! 

te amo momma osa!

Monday, March 13, 2017


This week has been absolutely incredible!!! 

We got blessed to have a multi Zone conference this week and our mission president came down and fed us spiritually! (And physically ;)
I was kind of super sick and our mission presidents wife was concerned that I’d be cold so she had me wear President Moreno’s suit the whole time and everyone was making jokes all day about me being president (he had me and my companion do a practice lesson in front of everyone and he started to make a ton of jokes about it too haha!)

Then this week has been crazy cuz we’ve been planning for 4 baptisms this weekend and have been working hard trying to get everything ready!  Unfortunately the youngest brother of the family (they are all cousins/ sisters) drank coffee that his grandma gave him literally the day before his baptism. But he is still super excited to get baptized next Saturday!!!

The 3 baptisms we had, are all incredibly smart and friendly girls!! Their mom is a less active of more than 10 years, but she began to pray again asking God to help her find a way to return to church. That same week we saw them outside and decided to talk to her. Funny how a small act can lead to such a great blessing huh? She is super strong and is very supportive of her daughters getting baptized. I have no doubt that she will be faithful for the rest of her life. Her oldest daughter Aylin is very strong and is reading the Book of Mormon like a machine!! She told us this week that she wants to be a missionary in 2 years! I cant lie, its my dream to baptize someone who will one day be a missionary as well, and I have much faith that I may have found one!!

Her little sister Gissel is so freaking cute! I love passing by this family because they are always sooo happy and love to laugh and read the Book of Mormon with us!

Love you all and hope everything is going well for you!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

From Sister Ana Haydee Gomez Murillo

Hermanita ahi le envi3 algunas foticos d su hijo . Hoyba las 7pm. Tubieron 3 bautizos..
Hoy a las 7pm
Que maravilloso que recibimos estés fotos de un miembro tan amigable como usted!
De nada hermanita. Para mi es un gusto poderle enviar fotos d su hijo.. yo se la alegria q se siente ver fotos d ellos trabajando 3n la obra del señor
Estas son partiendole una torta a una niña d la primaria hoy

Monday, March 6, 2017

Baptizing a Penguin!

Sorry I don’t have much time to write this week but we had a great week and rolled in with a baptism, 5 investigators in sacrament meeting and have 3 baptisms planned for the next week! All is well here in the land of endless rain and mud!! haha I’m loving life and the mission is going well!
I hope you all have a great week!  

Sorry for the low quality of the photos... my memory card got messed up on the camera but hope you all can see how happy little Genesis is!!

The reason I titled this week as Baptizing a Penguin is because little children here are all called penguins haha!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Carnival week

Hey momma I’m on now. Not too much happened this week with the whole being locked in the house for 4 days. We got permission to leave the house for 1 hour each day to exercise in the morning and my district (me, my companion and the 2 sisters) decided to play basketball every day, then a family Valareza offered to make us breakfast each day so we went to their house after each morning and spent a lot of time talking to them! They are sooo awesome and are definitely my favorite family here in Santa Rosa! And it doesn’t hurt that they are super rich and have their own car which is super nice and they like to give us lots of rides and pass by our investigators houses too. The dad, Yesid, is the president of the Hombres Jovenes or young mens and the mom is presitenta de la Primaria or primary. They are super strong in the gospel and have a son serving in Peru. Their two daughters are both very sweet and very funny. I enjoyed every second of being with them this week. I also have been kinda sick these last few days so its been nice doing absolutely nothing but sleeping (like literally every second of the day ha-ha) love you lots momma and I’ve been thinking about you tons this week!