Monday, July 3, 2017

Building a House

What up my favorite white people?!?! I hope that everyone has a Great 4th of July Weekend and eat lots of BBQ in my name !!

Well man it’s been a busy week!! I’ve had a lot of emergency work in the office so that’s why I’m writing late today!

But I guess ill start off with the title... YEAH WE LITTERALLY BUILT A HOUSE FOR SERVICE!!!! We were told that a member would be moving into our sector and he called us asking us help him with his new house... obviously we gladly jumped at the opportunity to do service! But we also kinda figured that it would be helping him move his stuff in.... WRONG ... we spent over 8 hours with 6 missionaries and 6 other men mixing cement and carrying it up latters then placing it.... man what a work out!!! I can honestly say that was one of the most physically challenging things of my mission, but hey it was a cool experience and something I’m glad I had the chance to participate in. Every time I thought I couldn’t keep mixing cement anymore I looked around me and just saw the very tired, but very happy faces of the family that we were working with. Man what inspiration to keep working.  

Also we were just getting back to the house Friday afternoon to study  (I study at like 2:00-5:00 because of the time in the office each morning) and all of the sudden everything just started shaking! Yeah we had a  6.2 earthquake here this week and that was pretty crazy! Obviously nothing much happened cuz that’s not too powerful but still!

Today I got permission to go to Isla Santi which is this little island here in Guayaquil that has a bridge that you got to cross by bike to get to. There are all kind of animals and things to see! On the island there are anteaters, raccoons, anacondas, and above all Crocodiles! What a cool p-day!!

So much more happened but I’m running out of time to write, my spiritual thought for the week is to   do whatever you can to find an opportunity to do Service!! When the Lord Jesus Christ came to the earth he came in the form of a Servant! Why? Because that is the absolute best way to bring the Gospel into the lives of our brothers and sisters that are waiting for it!!! I love the Story of Aaron and how that he never found "success" in his labors until he followed the example of Alma and began to serve the people. I promise to you brothers and sisters in the name of Jesus Christ that you look for an opportunity to serve someone this week you will find a chance to do "missionary work" and invite the Spirit and Gospel into someone’s life!

Thanks for all the love and support and make sure you don’t do anything *too* stupid this weekend!  

Have fun blowing things up kiddies!!

Love Elder Stidham

1. family home evening with 5 investigators!

2. service project we did and ended up in the office super dirty and sweaty haha sorry but i like the pics 

 5. going to Isla Santi

6. entering the Jungel part of the island

7. me wrestinlin a gator.

8.  Crocs

OH YEAH!! WE FOUND SUBWAY!!!   honestly didnt know that existed on this contanent!! yeah we white boys were pretty dang happy about that!!!

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